Exposure - A Gallery of Fine Art Photography

Photography Gallery in Santa Fe

Photography has changed a lot from it's beginnings of just chronicling the real world. It now covers an extraordinarily wide range of forms. On the continuum between ultra realism and impressionism, our artists' work falls closer to the latter.

Our main exhibit focuses on the use of light, motion, and form to convey the emotion it evokes. The result is a collection of nude dancers that is highly original and inspiring. Additionally you will see two other artists' work. One's masterful use of available light and composition transforms the Great Sand Dunes into abstract forms. Another's instinctive eye is constantly able to capture complex stories within a single frame. We feel these collections will help expand your Santa Fe gallery experience.

We welcome you to come by and visit our gallery. Our audience ranges from those who want something to hang on the walls to those who would prefer to wear it as a t-shirt. Most of the time, you will find at least one of our artist in the gallery.